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26 January 2009 @ 03:23 pm
Breathe My Name  

Teen Fiction/Drama/Romance
314 Pages
$8.99 u.s. - Barnes and Noble

From the very beginning this book interest me. From the title, to the picture, from the first sentence "'Today the blackbirds are watching us from the power line.'" The characters were filled with some much emotion and to me they felt like they were real. I could felt like I could understand Francine and Nix and the way they felt about each other. When an author can make a reader feel this way then you know that they have truly fulfilled their job as a writer. 

Synopsis: Frances is a normal sixteen year old girl from everyone else's eyes, but if you were to look up her real name on the internet you would see that she is not just a brave girl, but she is also one with many problems. At the age of six, her mother had successfully killed her three sisters and almost killed her. But luckily she got away because of a man who was only supposed to be there to check the water heater. After eleven years she has no been adopted and has settled down in Alabama. But out of no where a man who calls himself her birth mother's lawyer brings her a letter. This letter pushes the past back in Frances's face and makes her run back to where she came from to find the one person she has ran away and hid from for eleven years. A boy, Nix, goes with her not as her friend but as her boyfriend. He is a handsome young lad with whit and much to teach her about herself, and life. There are many twists and turns, but in the end all is settled for her in the world she calls Fireless

This is book is for the kind of people that are used to twists and turns, and can relate to troubled childhoods. To those who want to understand, try and read this book and see how it works. The only thing that I didn't like about this book was the fact that it was very choppy at the end. But it all levels out with the chapters in the middle from her past. So if you are into a books that push you to read forward, then read this book. It will totally tickle your fancy.

Where am I?: Fireless, Alabama
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